Berlin Workshop

"The Singing Body"

2017 ,A weekend workshop in Berlin. October 6-8

Registration -Alma Sade Moshonov

The Singing Body by Iris Goren is an integral method in which body, mental and sensual work are combined with singing

This unique method was developed in order to improve and enhance the singing  abilities and the performing skills of vocalists

The Singing Body has been crystallized during 15 years of close work with many young singers at the Jerusalem Music Academy Vocal Department and in many other frameworks in Israel, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark and Holland


                                                                                                                                           The workshop includs 

Group work consists of a spectrum of experiences, which are aimed to enable a better body alignment and an improved posture for the singer. The work enables body confidence and freedom of expression

Individual work, combines a body release on the one hand and strengthening the physical potential to support the singing on the other hand

                                                 Audition practice, a special master class dealing with the challenges of auditioning

As a dancer with a rich musical background and extensive teaching experience—and degrees from Jerusalem and New York—Iris draws on a wide range of bodywork techniques including Feldenkrais, Alexander, Eric Hawkins, Ideokinesiology, Rolfing, contact improvisation, and Eshkol-Wachmann Movement Notation. However, the specific technique she has developed, described in her forthcoming book The Singing Body – A Vocalists’s Companion, is based on her extensive professional experience and the results she has achieved with her students.

In recent years, Iris Goren's artistic work has included directing operas and other works for individual vocalists, ensembles and choirs. She continues to teach her bodywork method to vocalists, choirs and musicians around the world.

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